I empathize with empaths,
that are often left alone.
Alone with every feeling,
retrieved from compassion shown.

I sympathize with empaths,
who offer their beating hearts.
Hearts that become fragile,
as tears cascade and depart.

I specify that empaths,
can not help but give their all.
All their love and so much more,
cushioning a strangers fall.

I clarify that empaths,
did not ask to bear such gifts.
Gifts of sensitivity,
forcing sad emotion shifts.

I emphasize that empaths,
carry inner love and light.
Light expends silent kindness,
while remaining ever bright.

I recognize that empaths,
may not know how much they give.
Give without a care or want,
is the life most choose to live.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Accepting you
I gain myself,
reflections teach
us to impel.

Eight billion hearts
can beat as one,
the rising Sun.

All eyes that see
have different views,
impress true self,
so guilts remove.

Empathy tugs,
though always there,
a vacant stare.

Give what I can,
then help some more,
not for a pat,
or to gain scores.

Do it for one
as much as two,
every smile spreads
positive hues.

Feel ever blessed
for being kind,
shut both my lips,
open my mind.

Do not condemn
those still in queue,
within their path
they will find truth.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


A wise empath I know,
carries distinctive eyes.
Her reflective mirrors,
expose secrets that hide.

Feeling every sorrow,
she lessens aches and pains.
Shares tears others swallow,
connecting to their chains.

Lets lies slide unnoticed,
so no one feels ashamed.
Unwanted emotions,
penetrate just the same.

Offers an open hand
at the risk of her fall.
Absorbing great sadness,
then dissolving them all.

Walking angel on earth,
still, will not spare her wrath.
Stands perfectly balanced,
while creating fair paths.

A mystical presence,
aura fills up the air.
Pure lit divine essence,
always driven to care.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


A piece of me,
I share with you.
You come to me,
when I feel blue

I sympathize
with what you feel.
You feel for me,
so no big deal

Your problems bring

me such unrest.
Unrest now lifted
off my chest

Clear off my mind
from your affect.
Affects now gone,
cure my heart next

I cure your heart
easing your mind.
Your mind so pure,
a heart so kind

You look away
leave tearful eyes.
Eyes meet my glance,
then say good bye

Compose myself
not looking back.
Your empathy,
keeps me on track

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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