What can I do to show that I care?
What can I do with hands that are bare?
Witness your hidden struggles each day.
Awaken guilt since I am okay.

What can I do to provide a gain?
What can I do to alleviate strain?
Assist with your load, help lug the weight.
Embrace your burdens, forcing a sway.

What can I do to fix your puzzles?
What can I do to relieve troubles?
Devour the peel then feed you the fruit.
Give you sweet juice, while mine I dilute.

What can I do to numb you of pain?
What can I do so blessings can rain?
Comfort you softly with soothing words.
Recite wise tales from lessons learned.

What can I do to dress our table?
What can I do to make us stable?
Patiently hope and do all I can.
Hold your fine hand, together we stand.

– Grace Y. Estevez


A piece of me,
I share with you.
You come to me,
when I feel blue

I sympathize
with what you feel.
You feel for me,
so no big deal

Your problems bring

me such unrest.
Unrest now lifted
off my chest

Clear off my mind
from your affect.
Affects now gone,
cure my heart next

I cure your heart
easing your mind.
Your mind so pure,
a heart so kind

You look away
leave tearful eyes.
Eyes meet my glance,
then say good bye

Compose myself
not looking back.
Your empathy,
keeps me on track

– Grace Y. Estevez

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