A snake disguised as a tree branch
can stand quite still to reach attack,
wears a sweet smile while stabbing backs,
carries pink hues, to hide the black

A victim role, you play too well,
pushing the fool, saying they fell,
sympathy gained is your best spell,
those by your side, live in your hell.

Do anything to get your way,
poisoned my cup, then caused delays,
your worried face was well displayed,
before your eyes, your plans decayed.

Paint yourself bright, nice, and sunny,
with veins that flow such sweet honey,
patient with a splash of funny,
acts to access unearned money

Inner pity makes you so cruel,
taught by elders how to bend rules,
feed deep hunger, ignite your fuel,
attempts to feel like a rare jewel.

Hope one day you can understand,
most lives rarely follow a plan,
the pain delivered by your hands,
reverts right back to where you stand.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

Originally Published on March 31, 2021

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  1. Wow Grace, so well penned, I can relate to it in many ways.
    Love these lines: “the pain delivered by your hands, reverts right back to where you stand.”
    This is my solace in regards to the past.
    Thank you πŸ’• πŸ’•

  2. I was hurt and around narcissistic people my whole life up until about 6 years ago (I’m 56 now) or so when I began realizing and waking up to their foolishness. When reading this perfect poem you wrote it reminded me of exactly who they were when growing up and in my adult relationships. I broke the cycle though, and I’m happy to have learned it bc it made me who I am today! It makes me feel better know I’m not the only one anymore!☺️

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