My heart despises the cruel kind,
ones that play games with other minds.
They often cheat, embrace deceit,
and never turn the other cheek.
Most carry spite, are always right,
smiling while instigating fights.
The narcissist with no regret,
always searching for more to get.
Provoking tears when they are near,
knock spirits down simply from fear.

They teach me how to defeat fears,
wipe my own tears, when they are near.
Providing lessons to forget,
forgiving them, absolves regrets.
Avoiding spite, dissolving fights,
allows my conscience to feel right.
I learn from them to turn a cheek,
how not to cheat, or hold deceit.
To not let them play with my mind,
so my strong heart can remain kind.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Cyber Troll

Hide undercover,
in a dark hooded cape,
draping the body
you try hard to escape.

Spew evil phrases,
if given a slight chance.
Hoping your victim
joins in your silly dance.

Repetitive words,
with no substance at play.
Riding on coattails,
using people as prey.

Sorry, you feel bad
forced to hide your sad face.
Maybe one bright day,
your healed heart will find grace.

Till that day arrives,
eat some sweet humble pie,
stop judging others,
look within your own eyes.

Find where you fall short
go to where ego hides.
Then pick yourself up,
gain some authentic pride.

The pain that you cause,
does not improve your shine.
Try changing your ways
so your heart can feel fine.

Life offers balance,
every day and all night.
Listen to your soul,
it can guide you to light

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


A voice made of honey
tickles my sleepy soul.
Awaken to comfort,
disposed to my control.

Sweetest savory words,
clogging my every pore,
evoking emotions,
moving my empty core.

The fragrant aroma
penetrates through my nose,
unexposed awe-filled views,
can be seen with eyes closed.

My hips swaying to chants
hidden within this voice.
A most powerful trance
holds my will without choice.

Awakened quite sudden,
ringing my silent bell.
Strong temptation peaking,
fate withheld your tough spell.

Hizzing at my laughter,
your soul outwardly shakes.
Dissolving the charade,
honey masked evil snake.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


A snake disguised as a tree branch
can stand quite still to reach attack,
wears a sweet smile while stabbing backs,
carries pink hues, to hide the black

A victim role, you play too well,
pushing the fool, saying they fell,
sympathy gained is your best spell,
those by your side, live in your hell.

Do anything to get your way,
poisoned my cup, then caused delays,
your worried face was well displayed,
before your eyes, your plans decayed.

Paint yourself as bright and sunny,
with veins that flow the sweetest honey,
patient with a splash of funny,
acts to access unearned money

Inner pity makes you cruel,
taught by family to bend rules,
feed the hunger, ignite your fuel,
feeling like a special jewel.

Hope one day you can understand,
most lives rarely follow a plan,
the pain delivered by your hands,
reverts you back, to where you land.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Surrounded by a darkened hue,
talk without reason or a clue,
your uttered words are hardly true,
raw chaos feels at home with you

Erratic tones possess your voice,
portray a victim without choice,
killing the peace with your loud noise,
envying those with natural poise.

Wishing me bad, I wished you good,
you never knew I understood,
I tried to help, did what I could,
your mind was a block of dense wood.

So sad to see what you became,
a grown-up with no ounce of shame,
no one is left to play your games,
now only mirrors can be blamed.

I truly wish you change your ways,
sincerely hope you are okay,
so hurt inside, for you I pray,
that the sun melts despair away.

This life you live is what you choose,
the future may bring better shoes,
but if you choose to cause abuse,
you will soon find, that you will lose

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Too strong to ask for help,
while knowing you are weak.
Too right to see the wrongs
in all the lies you speak

Trendsetter paving paths
expect for sheep to follow.
A solid stone-filled heart
can only teach great sorrow

Proof in your hazel eyes
filled up with fallen dreams.
Imprisoned hidden smiles
muffle loud inner screams

It did not go your way,
manipulate the truth.
Point out imagined flaws,
hope no one mentions you

You can not show pure love,
that you have never known.
Can not emit warm light,
if cold is all you own

Pity towards your fine clan
is what I feel inside,
they can not see your games,
or how you play their mind

Feel sorry for you too,
unspoken hurt cause pain.
Hope you can heal within,
attract much needed gain

One day our worlds may crash
at intersecting roads.
Our lives perhaps aligned,
with no lingering holds.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

Game over

I do not wish to play your game,
the twisted webs drive me insane.
Must hear your thoughts before expressed,
all interactions turn to dread

I do not want to play your game,
no room for change, always the same.
Riddles and clues shoved in my head,
clear expectations, mixed instead.

I do not need to play your game,
never believed in placing blame.
If something cracks, I look inside,
no need to point or try to hide.

I do not know rules for your game,
laws often change without an aim.
People are pawns, your words cruel darts,
all set to play misguided parts.

I will no longer play your game,
intentions pure, no need for shame.
No more pretense or need for lies
to self preserve, I say goodbye.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


I wrapped the wool
over my eyes,
afraid to see
you had two sides.
Showed loyalty
to tame my fears,
cried sensitive
crocodile tears

One part of you
admired me,
the other part
a silent bee,
that stings without
the slightest hiss,
portraying love,
poisonous kiss.

Presenting trust,
so I could share,
my hardest truths,
creative snare.
A fake friendship,
one of a kind,
so true for me,
but I was blind.

Still grateful for
the times gone by,
when I was fooled
by your disguise.
You filled a role
I needed then,
pretend is good
until it ends.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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