Enter your dance,
a hidden trance.
Burn through my stance,
forming romance

A touch so deep
instantly seeps.
A flying leap,
finally reap

Peels through my skin,
I have no sin.
At last, I win,
a first-place pin.

No longer wrong,
always belong.
Love soaring strong,
sings a soft song.

The hidden clues
that led to you,
led to me too,
making us true

Unfold your wings
as my heart swings,
to you, I cling
as one we fling

– Grace Y.Estevez

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  1. Wow, this is so beautiful. I love your lines and how they each connect into one another, you always create such a miraculous flow!!! Lovely work as always, my friend 🖤🤗✨

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