In between

Am I alive?
I feel my breath,
see it arise
off of my chest,
I have no voice,
ran out of strength,
no free will choice,
or proven depth.

Am I alive?
Not really sure,
each passing day
survives a chore.
My value gone
with my old face,
long for beyond
standing in place.

Am I alive?
or, did I die?
Cover my eyes,
help scared tears hide.
Swallow my pride,
hopes become sighs.
Smiling outside
feeling deprived.

Am I alive?
Pray for the best,
faith on my side,
passing all tests,
healing inside,
in peace I rest,
let go and fly,
my soul is blessed.

Am I alive?
In a new world?
Spirit arrives,
gives it a whirl.
Passions derive
as joys uncurl.
The urge to strive,
slowly unfurls.

Am I alive?
My pulse still beats,
warm inner light,
from crown to feet.
Glowing so bright
at last complete.
Holding insight
while still discreet.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

22 thoughts on “In between

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  1. Wondrous verses, Grace. This here is my fav, “Passions derive
    as joys uncurl.
    The urge to strive,
    slowly unfurls.” Magic. ❤️❤️

  2. Oh my eyes…they truly shine…when I read your lines…they’re clearly divine…the way you rhyme…I simply smile…Grace, you’re the light…from earth to sky ✨❤️💫❤️🌟

  3. Am I alive? So beautiful! I liked
    Swallow my pride,
    hopes become sighs.
    And the last stanza was ultimate. A very beautifully crafted piece, Grace 👍💖💐

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