Found Voice

Timid eyes,
head bowed down,
too afraid to want for more.
Scared to try,
filled with clouds,
search hard for an inner roar.

Shaky hands,
posture slumped,
weighted efforts holds down score.
Nothing lands,
always dumped,
can not grasp the slightest roar.

Shuts down mind,
pure love flies,
lands securely at his core.
Treats self kind,
heartbeats rise,
whispers soft purrs, still no roar.

Full of peace,
insides sing,
expectations land ashore.
Filled with ease,
like a king,
life vibrates to his strong roar.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Response to Sadje’s picture prompt on What do you see #153 September 26 , 2022

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  1. you are making me sing, dear friend. ooohhhh oooohhhh hmmmm in the jungle the mighty jungle the lion- 😊 i don’t know the rest of the lyrics. i always loved the stories in your poems. thank you.

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