Ever After

Am I alive?
Ran out of breath,
feelings arise,
off bony chest.
No inner voice.
fresh out of strength,
no free will choice,
or proven depth.

Is heart alive?
Not really sure,
each passing day
another chore.
All value gone,
skeletal face,
long for beyond,
stand stuck in place.

Are goals alive?
Daydreams all die,
cover both eyes,
salty tears hide.
Swallow dense pride,
hopes become sighs,
tomorrow lied,
future deprived.

Inside alive.
Pray for the best,
fears thrown aside,
withstand all tests.
Heal deep inside,
in peace mind rests,
let go and fly,
bright soul is blessed.

More than alive.
In a new world,
spirit arrives,
gives chance a whirl.
Passions derive,
as joys uncurl,
the urge to strive,
slowly unfurls.

Feel so alive.
Silent pulse beats,
warm inner light,
from crown to feet.
Glow ever bright,
at last complete,
profound insight,
presence discreet.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

Written for Melissa Lemay’s Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #240

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  1. I imagine someone dying and β€œwaking up” in eternity while reading this. Could be in the afterlife or the physical, really. Either way, a wonderful new beginning.❀️

  2. I love the way you take the ‘bare bones’ and flesh them out into life and positivity. Beautifully done, Grace! πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

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