Letters flying
circle quickly,
create new words
that swim swiftly.
Making statements
as they combine,
so I can choose
which ones are mine

Words are floating
around my head,
blurry visions
that go unread.
Painting pictures
within my mind.
playing scenes,
scripted inside.

Motioned pictures
rapidly show,
things I never
knew I know.
Opened wise eye,
logic thought blind,
seeing answers
details defined.

Answers arrive
before the questions,
knowing all facts
and intentions.
Helping me find
all keys I seek,
feel vibrations,
in words, I speak

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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  1. Hello Grace, please help refresh my memory. Although I’ve studied various forms of poetry, due to my recent disability, I’m basically re-learning many things. I love the beat of this poem as “I” read it, but is this a specific style?

    1. Hi! I’m actually not sure of what style this is if any. I rarely follow specific styles unless I am writing a haiku or if I was in a poetry challenge. I guess I just basically go with the flow. I am glad you liked the beat.❤️

      1. Forgive me my dear. “Style” was probably the choice of word. Your poetry for me is very relatable. Usually poetry is like a Pollock painting to me, although abstract & unique to the artist, other admirer’s have a completely different perspective than I do. I’ve worked with (& learned from) people such as former poet Laurette Rita Dove, but some works just don’t speak to me as yours does. I believe I’m referring to more of the music of the lines, meter, rhyme & form. Do you have videos on you tube or do spoken word? I’d love to hear your work in “your” voice.

      2. Wow!That is so wonderful to hear. I absolutely love that you can relate to my work. Thank you! I used to do poetry slams years ago, but have not done any type of audio poetry in quite some time. I hear the different rhythm in my mind and just hope that it conveys for the reader. Thanks again for your kind words. I truly appreciate it.❤️

  2. Wow Grace, that ending is just AMAZING!!! I am speechless! This piece is so truly beautiful, I mean WOW!!! I’m in awe, you’re really an incredible writer!!!! The Universe, WP and I are lucky to have you!!!!! Love you, dear friend 🖤🖤🤗

    1. You are too kind Ace. Thank you so much for your inspiring and amazing thoughts. I feel very fortunate to have been aligned with you and your work. Lots of love.❤️

  3. Hi Grace, I’ve been a follower of your blog for a while now. Your poems are always a delight! I am the admin of a small (but growing) group on Facebook called Write Here. If you’re on Facebook and think you might be interested in perhaps joining our group, check it out. No pressure either way. Have a lovely day! 🌞

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