Change of Heart

No longer want,
just know to need.
Memories haunt,
guilty hearts feed.
Love tries to taunt,
by planting seeds.
So nonchalant,
sadness succeeds.

Grief will not win,
its reign will stop.
Grow thicker skin,
hesitance drops,
creates a spin,
until joy pops.
Glow deep within,
reach for the top.

Love will succeed,
runs nonchalant,
Hydrating seeds,
no need to taunt,
expands then feeds,
clears fears that haunt.
Satisfies needs,
by granting wants.

Landing on top,
light flows within,
negative pops,
swept by a spin.
Doubtful thoughts drop,
delight coats skin.
Bliss never stops,
prepare to win.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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