Slippery words,
drop off thick skin,
fall off like rain
while showing your sins.

Attacking words,
provoking wars,
invoke my laugh,
crumble once ignored.

Exposing words
reveals your soul.
Keep my head high
exercise self-control.

Menacing words,
keep you so stuck,
wishing ill will,
gives you the worst luck.

Deceptive words,
hiding your face.
I look away,
my life fills with grace.

Entangled words
ties you in knots,
setting me free,
I fly to my spot

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

35 thoughts on “Bully

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  1. Holy Moly YES

    Balm for my soul today.

    Are living parallel lives?!?! Everytime I read your posts it’s synchronicity city….

    thank youuuu, G

  2. Agreed with previous comments. Synchronization on point sis ❤ Beautiful expression 😍 Indeed medicine for the soul today, happy Full Moon 🌝

  3. Words can be scathing. It takes a great deal of resilience, self-control and thick skin to withstand their onslaught. Beautifully written, Grace. I loved this!

  4. Wowww..! Marvelous piece dear grace..! Your poem are always making me to feel better..! I really loved it very much..! You are an amazing soul..! Excellent poem dear.!🤗💖

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