Chase Darkness Away

Precious peace pours from the sky
ffering ease, healing cries
erene waves build up so high
nterrupt fears that swim by
esting doubts that underlie
nstant love as a reply
isions of joy never die
ndless smiles glisten all eyes

Calmness serves as a true guide
ights the soul up deep inside
lated steps become strides
bsolute delights collide
adiant hearts all coincide
incere truths carry great pride

Never let true faith decline
xpand dreams and let them shine
ratefulness helps hopes incline
bsorbing bliss by design
houghtful while still drawing lines
nner visions serve as signs
ibrating while feeling fine
veryday is made divine

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Whole and Complete

Tap dance all around his head,
twinkle till message is read.
Haunting withered memories,
singing endless melodies.

Stars shine bright within his eyes,
wisdom he cannot disguise.
So well poised, he could sell lies,
but will never falsify.

Senses twirling on his crown,
screaming loud without a sound.
Reciting every last fear,
while translating all he hears.

Silver sparks jump from his smile,
as he walks proudly for miles.
Compliments always compile,
he holds peace throughout all trials.

Daydreams fly within his mind,
overjoyed by what he finds.
Answers that give him control,
filling up an empty hole.

Character is what he shows,
his soul guides immersive flow.
Destiny goes where winds blow,
exploring higher plateaus.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Simple being,
soul so complex.
Heartbeat seeing,
what would come next.

Purest spirit,
gleamed from his eyes,
without limits,
helped faith arise.

Not blindsided,
did what he must,
those he guided,
betrayed his trust.

to bring a cure.
still pacifying,
as he endured.

Day turned to night,
withheld from rest,
Expanded light,
throughout each test.

Final exhale,
brought him to peace.
Mission prevailed,
as love released.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Silent Form

A burst of light,
flung in mid air,
a fateful sight,
to all those there.
Without a fight,
worn eyes held stares,
hearts reached new heights,
accepted dares.
The hues were bright,
rebuked despair,
fluorescent white,
instant repair.
Shines every night,
flows without care,
errors made right,
life becomes fair.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Infinite Presence

What do you see
in both you and me?
Quick reflections,
set old views free.
Complex judgements
or a simple test,
satisfy thirst,
tired eyes deserve rest.

Capture great pain
with extending hands,
speaking the truths
most misunderstand.
Forget my name
and all that I am,
cry on weak knees
while shouting demands.

Infinite light
flows swift forever,
guiding free will
through all endeavors.
Teach to let go
so hearts and dreams fly.
sealed together
while fluttering high.

Wise eyes that see,
shed sorrows and cry,
regaining faith
gives life a new try.
Climb a ladder
leading past the sky,
increase wisdom
as each day goes by.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Light Presence

Up on a tree
or in the sea,
flying so free,
like honey bees.

Floating through town,
look all around,
like happy clowns
removing frowns.

All that I am
seen as a scam,
maybe a ram,
or tender lamb.

But what is true
always comes through,
creating views
filled with bright hues.

I am the all
that never falls,
Both big and small
blessings befall.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Inner Presence

Flying my kite,
searching for insight,
stars shining bright,
twinkling a goodnight.

Hopes touch the sky,
eyes instantly cry,
tears flutter high,
become butterflies.

Glow in the dark,
igniting slight sparks,
leaving a mark,
new wonders embark.

Love fills the air,
removing all cares,
life is now fair,
light presence is there!

Extend both hands,
as knowledge expands,
a masterplan,
my mind understands!

Never alone,
consistently shown,
a loving zone,
flows way past my bones.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

My song

Heartbeat vibrates as it pounds.
Every new step shakes the ground.
Silent whispers float around.
Lingered rhythms felt profound.

Take my placemark center stage,
make sure everyone’s engaged.
Release my voice from its cage,
each heard lyric works as sage.

Lose myself in what I sing,
pray that inner bells will ring.
Hope that my words do not sting,
try to cut the puppet strings.

Secret wishes become facts,
slicing through unpleasant acts.
Love and light always attract
bringing balance as impact.

Leave the stage, remove my shoes,
hoping that I changed some views.
“Maybe if we share our clues,
we can find which ones are true.”

Share without judgments or hate,
allow all joys to create,
knowing inner force is great,
fly towards a brighter fate.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Why not?

What’s wrong with having fantasies?
Must we all see, to then believe?
Why must this be reality?
I rather build what I perceive!

Why can’t my life be my daydream?
Every new day would be supreme.
All human beings on the same team,
within each smile a beaming gleam.

No deceptions or need for lies,
all felt hunger would quickly die.
Each breathing life feels nature’s tie,
instinctively learns to abide.

If everyone wants to feel whole,
why can’t we break away from molds?
What would it take to free our souls,
from playing these unfulfilled roles?

Why can’t our lives consist of peace,
and everything come in with ease?
All wishes instantly received,
flying to us like a warm breeze.

Maybe if one day hearts unite,
embrace more love while ending fights,
a new world can arise so bright,
transforming darkness into light.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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