Be my prized guest,
come stroll with me,
on a dream quest,
magic journey.

Our hands will plant,
so wishes grant,

We will have fun
without a fear,
happily run,
laugh till eyes tear.

We will then walk
around the world,
have diverse talks
till our minds twirl.

Embrace all joys,
retaining peace,
as we enjoy
feeling so free.

Let’s hope our light
can sprout and grow,
a future bright
where auras glow.

We can unite
our souls as one,
eclipse at night
melts with the sun.

Create a dome
of priceless worth,
a valued home,
heaven on earth.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Fuel my heart, ignite my mind.
Light the sparks, as paths align.

A first breath is reassigned.
Prior deaths are by design.

Second chance to rectify.
One more prance to clarify.

I am now what I once judged.
Promised vows will clear past smudge.

Bashing you, reflects on me,
painting views of what I see.

Walking through life, once again.
Light will guide as I transcend.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

Floating Dreams

Saddle on an ocean wave,
ride it till we fly away.
Pages turn by blowing wind,
bright stars shield our shiny skin.

Crescent moon as a pillow,
bask in dreams of love we know.
Build a fort, high in the air,
balanced breezes make breaths fair.

Listen to a singing rose,
angel kisses on our nose,
vibrant rainbows paint bright views,
endless sky in shades of blue.

Break of dawn, lets blow a wish,
sunrise will let hopes flourish.
A closed portal day and night,
protecting euphoric light.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


As the world spins
does it shed sins?
Making wrongs right
all day and night?
Are problems solved
quickly absolved?
Do winds bring hope?
enough to cope?

Do all our fears,
and guilty tears,
grab hold and steer,
as gloom appears?
Do we throw hooks,
behave like rooks,
in little nooks,
exchanging looks?

Did we invent
outer intent?
A force to blame
for inner shame?
If we decide
to look inside,
what will we find
along with pride?

A tiny light,
twinkles at sight,
a brilliant force,
connecting source.
A silent bell
we know too well,
guides and compels,
within our cells.

– Grace Y. Estevez -Reddy


Blind my eyes with your delight,
make me warm,
fill me with light.

Bright essence shine around me,
hug me tight,
guide me to see.

Add your spirit to my soul,
steer the wheel,
take full control.

Illuminate every path,
leave all dark,
far in the past.

Wipe the tears that swiftly flow,
hold my hand
and help me grow.

Kiss me softly on my head,
expand love,
so it can spread.

Carry hopes up to the sky
mend my wings
teach me to fly

Sprinkle peace from up above
bless this world
with divine love

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

Light Sprout

Today I plant
a seed that grows,
magical grant
infinite flow.

Reap what I sow,
lucky tomorrow.
The breeze will blow
the path I follow.

The sprouted seed
transforms to light,
creates good deeds
provides insight.

A little spark
expanding grace,
that clears the dark
shines bright through space

Comforting touch
caressed with love.
Emotions clutch,
protective glove.

All sins exhaled,
take off the veil.
Pure joy inhaled,
enjoy the sail

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Slippery words,
drop off thick skin,
fall off like rain
while showing your sins.

Attacking words,
provoking wars,
invoke my laugh,
crumble once ignored.

Exposing words
reveals your soul.
Keep my head high
exercise self-control.

Menacing words,
keep you so stuck,
wishing ill will,
gives you the worst luck.

Deceptive words,
hiding your face.
I look away,
my life fills with grace.

Entangled words
ties you in knots,
setting me free,
I fly to my spot

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Infinite time,
does not slow
Once delivered,
never goes.
Elevate from
head to toe.
All regrets are
left below.

Sadness falls like
misty snow.
Build a boat
then start to row,
make it strong
enough to tow,
others stuck,
circled by crows.

Infinite times,
comes and flows,
as the breeze,
puckers and blows.
Wisdom does not
always know
how to expand
every glow.

Endless power
always grows,
center stage,
for many shows.
Always reaping
what you sow,
energies form
high plateaus.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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