Slippery words,
drop off thick skin,
fall off like rain
while showing your sins.

Attacking words,
provoking wars,
invoke my laugh,
crumble once ignored.

Exposing words
reveals your soul.
Keep my head high
exercise self-control.

Menacing words,
keep you so stuck,
wishing ill will,
gives you the worst luck.

Deceptive words,
hiding your face.
I look away,
my life fills with grace.

Entangled words
ties you in knots,
setting me free,
I fly to my spot

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Infinite time,
does not slow
Once delivered,
never goes.
Elevate from
head to toe.
All regrets are
left below.

Sadness falls like
misty snow.
Build a boat
then start to row,
make it strong
enough to tow,
others stuck,
circled by crows.

Infinite times,
comes and flows,
as the breeze,
puckers and blows.
Wisdom does not
always know
how to expand
every glow.

Endless power
always grows,
center stage,
for many shows.
Always reaping
what you sow,
energies form
high plateaus.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Infinite light,
shinning up from above,
gifting me a,

first glimpse of pure love.
Warm kiss on my head
I must close my eyes,
baptizing my heart,

making me feel divine.

Infinite light
now shines from within,
permeates my conscious
so it always steps in.
Covers my skin,

penetrating each pore,
insatiable hunger,

keeps me wanting more.

Infinite light
is still shining outside,
chases the darkness
leaving no place to hide.
Miracle blessings
to all with one touch,
a constant essence
that is never too much.

Infinite light
shines instant connections,
accepting me
turning flaws to perfection.
Loving me whole
mending me to complete,
guiding me towards
each path that I meet.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


A father could not be,
if not for a mother.
Siblings are all sisters,
if excluding their brothers.

Darkness will last all day
without bits of sunlight.
Night skies hold moon and stars,
as they twinkle and shine bright.

If all rain was erased,
the green fields would run dry,
fruitless deserts that ache,
hearing loud storm clouds cry

Anger versus hate,
equally seen as crimes.
Pure love is left to fate,
carrying infinite ties.

Life will always exceed
what wisdom discovers,
one can hardly exist
without help from the other.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Seven rays,
rule my world.
as they twirl.

Purple hues,
not confused,
always knows
and it shows.

Confused pink,
sneaky winks,
so unsure,
silent lure.

Working blue,
finds the clues,
to promote,
others hopes.

Yellow cares,
always there,
love and light,
shinning bright

Orange goals,
gains control.
never waits.

Passion red,
gets ahead,
moving fast,
with a blast.

Vibrant green,
quite serene.
Create tunes
and communes.

Seven rays,
shadow gray,
balance beam,
calmest stream.

Black and white,
day and night,
and assist

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Where stillness lays, how do I move?
You slowly slither till you improve
In silence, am I really small?
Quite the contrary, you’re alive with all

Every step becomes your road map
Are labels just my little mind’s trap?
A force inside pushes my crawl
What if this road leads to a fall?

If I lose fear then can I stand?
Taking a chance helps strength expand
Does courage come, or is it a chase?
It’s a paradox divinely guided by grace

I breathe and rise with every day
But in this journey, have I lost my sway?
So many questions hold me back
Will destiny keep me on track?

Do guided steps lead to a run?
Lessons you learn all mean you won
Was I born where this Universe begun?
As the stars whisper through the shine of my sun

In a place, through a life, and within my soul
Is this a journey of finding home, while becoming whole?
An infinite light brightens my obstacle course
If I look within will I find this light source?

Grace + Ace


Light shining through eternity,
travels swiftly for infinity,
distributes warm security,
with brilliant opportunities.

Brightly lit self-forming presence,
an everlasting essence,
cradle carries all through lessons,
amazing evanescence.

Solid darkness so mysterious,
always appearing quite serious,
fully immersing experience,
walking life feeling delirious.

Self-driven imagination,
instantly forms a creation,
unbalanced application,
requires education.

Perfectly formed projections,
filled mirrored door dimensions,
bouncing off every reflection,
building up a new perception,
A mystical existence,

balancing any resistance.
United co-existence
reaches a greater distance.

– Grace Y.Estevez

I am

Am I?
A careless tossed ember creating a fire?
A sea of scared trees paralyzed by the flames?
A gush of wind escalating dark desires?
Stormy rain showers driving away the blaze?

Am I?
The fluffiest of clouds, pillow fighting up high?
A rainy day with gleaming beams of pure light?
The brightest of rainbows exposed in the sky?
A big smile of hope shining in saddened eyes?

Am I?
The pretty, the ugly, the good, and the bad?
Every truth that you owned but never quite had?
Emotional bags that were heavy and sad?
Warm gifts of love that makes every soul feel glad?

Am I?
The voice that you hear telling you what is right?
A soothing blanket catching your fears at night?
A clear guide transforming dark thoughts into bright?
The one always there supplying deep insight?

Am I?
A shiny star winking, twinkling well displayed?
The moonlight that causes all darkness to sway?
Sunlight that brightens all your upcoming days?
True self carried in you and leading your way.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy



Eyes full of wonder.
Build different realities,
day in and day out.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Complete acceptance is
a tough pill to swallow,
but once it is taken
it helps dissolve sorrows.

To truly surrender
is a difficult deed,
letting go of control
watering planted seeds.

A secured self-esteem
is a slippery slope,
to balance the ego
provides inner hope.

The fruits from all labor
presents life with awards,
Self-work and improvements
offer greater rewards.

Outer viewed projections,
emerge from deep within.
Reflected perceived views,
can shed light on false wins.

Looking into the mind
could empower all dreams,
acknowledge the power
let it flow like a stream

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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