Where stillness lays, how do I move?
You slowly slither till you improve
In silence, am I really small?
Quite the contrary, you’re alive with all

Every step becomes your road map
Are labels just my little mind’s trap?
A force inside pushes my crawl
What if this road leads to a fall?

If I lose fear then can I stand?
Taking a chance helps strength expand
Does courage come, or is it a chase?
It’s a paradox divinely guided by grace

I breathe and rise with every day
But in this journey, have I lost my sway?
So many questions hold me back
Will destiny keep me on track?

Do guided steps lead to a run?
Lessons you learn all mean you won
Was I born where this Universe begun?
As the stars whisper through the shine of my sun

In a place, through a life, and within my soul
Is this a journey of finding home, while becoming whole?
An infinite light brightens my obstacle course
If I look within will I find this light source?

Grace + Ace

21 thoughts on “Beyond

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  1. Thank you so much for this magical experience! I seriously loved creating with you, it’s a true honor and our flow is electric!!! You’re amazing and an inspiring soul! I absolutely love this piece and its uniqueness!! We make a great team 🙌🏻🖤🤗. Here’s to beyond and many more!!!

  2. Magnificent, Grace. The obstacle course continues, but your words help give me courage to keep taking turns. They still help me with my overall course. Very uplifting.

    1. Thank you so very much, K. So happy this collaboration touched you and that you were able to feel what we tried to convey. Keep shining my friend.💕

  3. Ace and Grace, as rhyming as this collab. Both of you are talented writers in your own ways. Thanks for such an artistic creation.

  4. Beautiful piece sweetie!! Like I told Ace, this was a wonderful collab! Well done! ❤️❤️🎁💐🤗🌹👏

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