Poetry Anthology

Imaginations fly free
Hidden in childhood

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

I am thrilled to have one ore more of my poems be a part of Hidden in Childhood: A Poetry Anthology, edited by Gabriela Marie Milton. Thank you, Gabriela, and the editing team at Literary Revelations Press for this acceptance, and for all your efforts to bring these powerful poems out into the hands of readers. So excited to read this wonderful book. I am delighted beyond words. This highly anticipated anthology will debut in late January 2023.


Where stillness lays, how do I move?
You slowly slither till you improve
In silence, am I really small?
Quite the contrary, you’re alive with all

Every step becomes your road map
Are labels just my little mind’s trap?
A force inside pushes my crawl
What if this road leads to a fall?

If I lose fear then can I stand?
Taking a chance helps strength expand
Does courage come, or is it a chase?
It’s a paradox divinely guided by grace

I breathe and rise with every day
But in this journey, have I lost my sway?
So many questions hold me back
Will destiny keep me on track?

Do guided steps lead to a run?
Lessons you learn all mean you won
Was I born where this Universe begun?
As the stars whisper through the shine of my sun

In a place, through a life, and within my soul
Is this a journey of finding home, while becoming whole?
An infinite light brightens my obstacle course
If I look within will I find this light source?

Grace + Ace

Inspiration( by Grace and Francis)

Awakened by the thunder,
And the rain.
So real-a-dream in my slumber,
But the memories remain.

Felt shaken, drenched in sweat,
still sleeping yet awake,
try to steady my breath,
feel real, no longer fake

Conscious reality now that I’m awake
Brought forth from the world of dreams
Make no mistake,
A spark of passion, with golden beams.

Lights up my unsure mind
then sparks within my heart,
stirred up and well defined,
this moment marks the start.

An old-fashioned-loose leaf canvas,
Sensational revelations in ink,
Only wisdom and spark can grant this,
Through an artistical blend-woven in sync.

Fears cease and surrender,
both tears and canvas dry.
Inspired by the splendor,
to relentlessly try.

Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy and Francis J. Lamanna (Noozbuffet)

Nourished Thirst (by Grace and Amber)

Mystical raindrops that fall on my head
ignite my mind, feeding thoughts that were dead
grasping as my soul breaks free from the mold
sheds light on a knowledge that exceeds my control

Saturated knowledge addiction when initially seeking spirituality,
leads to a dead void neutrality,
real soul nutrition comes from the formless
putting theory into practice within our fortress

Open my mind to energies received
my deciphering heart will not be deceived
quenches my thirst from all fears and worries
basking in light bathing in newfound glories

Cutting open the hidden subconscious
void of emptiness shadowing us 
filling the abyss with gems buried in the fears confronted
Feeding the angelic auric orbs swirling within healthy beliefs hunted

Let your soul maintain planted and protected,
composed before a multitude of universes interconnected
May our souls be nourished with each sunlight
keeping us connected as our eyes close each night

– Grace Y. Eastevez & Amber (DiosRaw)

The Evolving Soul

Change flies in like a flutter of birds
Suddenly I am at a loss for words
Becoming in tune with my soul’s ocean
Waves gift me with ever-changing emotion

Close my eyes to absorb what I feel
Butterflies chime as I start to heal
My mind decides on which way to go
My soul quietly chants “Go with the flow”

Seeing this dream through my newer eyes
The little me seeks attention, it cries
Its dying embers are lies, I start to recognize
So, instead I ascend, instead I rise

My heart starts to fly, I am one with the sky
I feel my soul rise as I wave a goodbye
The new me is born as the old is now gone
Farewell to my past, it was not meant to last

Hello to my now, my Universe takes a bow
Change is my friend, loving me till the end
Unclasp my hands, give my new life a chance
Lead with steady feet and eternally dance

Grace + Ace

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