Sit with me,
enjoy your treat,
mommy will
massage your feet.

Want to share
all I have learned,
with no fears
or drawn concerns.

You can reach
all goals when set,
just make sure
to do your best.
If in time
plans never come,
life will bring
a better one.

My sweet child
you are my world,
Oyster with
a pretty pearl.

I want you
to understand,
all is good,
without demands.

You will get
if meant for you,
drink from love,
and share it too.
Just make sure,
it goes both ways,
if mutual
it will not sway.

This the first
of many times,
I will give
advice in rhymes.

Trying hard
to provide clues,
so the bad,
will not come true.

Take advice
from trusting hands,
when given
without commands.
Just make sure
it resonates,
if not sound,
then leave to fate.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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