Approval is given with just a look,
invisibly measured like reading a book.
Acknowledging smile appears in the eyes,
a wink or a nod may help to decide

Approval is given when one does not seek,
acceptance conveying what words can not speak.
Preferential treatment to those without care,
a pretty demeanor will keep people there

What is in it for me?, is often asked.
A heart that is pure but mind fully masked.
Fears always keep looming and dancing inside,
exposing all terrors that try hard to hide

Approval most given is rarely needed,
try to please them all but most are defeated.
The others are captured, engulfed in their thoughts,
displaying a shell, hoping it is bought

Approval once given is thrown in the trash,
grab what is offered then leave in a dash.
Forgiving it all for perceived approval,
erasing all doubts, drowned ego removal

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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      1. i followed hope you will too as a scorpio i am shameless. even son tom has agree i have zero shame. most inappropriate it is too!

  1. I’ve often wondered what are those birds chirping to each other about on the edge of the bird fountain. Now thanks to you, I know they are debating about approval, acceptance, preferential treatment, the heart, the masked mind. Oh, the bird ego.

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