Enter a place of unknowns,
unknown spaces create growth,
growth can form a sacred zone,
zones that embrace sincere oaths.

Oaths that whisper in my ears,
ears that listen as they clear,
clear blurred eyes of pent up tears,
tears release to chase off fears.

Fears are swept and thrown away,
away begins here today,
today allows thoughts to sway,
sway till life becomes okay.

Okay to replenish soul,
soul that still retains control,
control can obtain all goals,
goals once gained still leave a hole.

Holes are hungry to be filled,
filled by a great need to build,
build a dream so joy is drilled,
drilled until the heart feels thrilled.

Thrilled to elevate plateaus,
plateaus made to foreshadow,
foreshadow where spirits flow,
flow until inner lights glow.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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  1. What a notably good piece with an outstanding rhythm. The repetition of the last words at the beginning of each sentence makes it a great read. I read it loud and enjoyed. Blends well with the theme of Arrival. ❀

  2. Oh my, I just love the way this poem is written and it’s beauty. Thank you, dear grace for a masterpiece 😊❀️

  3. Glow of a summer morning
    Morning turns into evening
    Evening sings a lullaby
    Lullaby for a peaceful night 😊

    This is so truly inspiring. Thank you for every piece of your heart you honor us with 🌸

  4. Grace you are awesome the flow and your light does shine it’s higher than you know… I I’ve been really down and really sick 🀒.. but I fall into the poems or darts of hope faith spiritual awareness.. your msg… Pulls me back up it’s strong… And spiritual…. Love your work grace

  5. i wonder how can someone became so much consistent about his work….. loved your posts😊😊😊 thanks to entertain us
    Please also check my page hope you all will love itβ€β€πŸ’™

  6. Wow, is so brilliant, Grace! The sequence of meanings packed in each line and stanza is excellent and I loved the flow of the rhymes and the repetition of the last words. And I especially loved these two lines-
    β€œbuild a dream so joy is drilled,
    drilled until the heart feels thrilled.”

  7. Wow! So lovely lines in a chain of thoughts flowing until inner lights glow. A brilliant piece, Grace πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

  8. This poem was marvelous Grace, I loved the nature and all it’s forms you used to create such a beautiful piece with your words.

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