Attacked by fears of the unknown,
makes his hopes sink then turn to stone,
with every breath sorrows are shown,
all due to views others have thrown.

Insecure thoughts call on the phone,
no one to trust, always alone.
The dreams he has are failure prone,
depression felt, deep in his bones.

Inside his head he hears a tone,
transmitting sounds like microphones,
it puts him in a sacred zone,
then pushes him onto his throne.

Clears up his eyes, his mind is blown,
his body rests in a cyclone.
A sense of self suddenly known,
lands on his chest, wisdom has grown.

Opens the gates, feeling atoned
his old mistakes have been outgrown,
the time has come to not postpone,
a withered leaf, the past has flown.

Within a blink his faith is honed,
tomorrow’s joy instantly sewn,
the steps he takes his heart condones,
a bright path way to call his own.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Response to Sadje’s picture prompt on What do you see #137 June 06, 2022

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  1. Your like a hallway with a million doors. Your knowledge surprises everytime.

    I am still missing an element that Grace has. Tell me where to find it please?

    Where do you find these brilliant poems. Do you store them in a huge storage facility? I am going to find the secret it lies in your deep words.

    You have outdone yourself again.
    Keep raising the bar.

      1. Grace truly you are a magician. How do you hide within your words like that. I get a hint of yourself in these poems. Its like looking through a keyhole of a bolted door.

        I studying your poetry to improve mine. Here’s one thing i found about you: your either a brilliant literary student or you studied poetry.

        I just cant get enough of your workπŸ‘

  2. “A withered leaf, the past has flown…” You can’t get much more profoundly poetic than this. I see a lot of myself in the first two stanzas of this piece. Hope to see myself in the remainder as well. Wonderful as always, Grace. πŸ™‚

  3. Grace,

    You have expressed a faithful and creative process, based on the prompt. This line especially speaks to me:

    The dreams he has are failure prone,

    I suppose I can relate.



  4. What a truly brilliant poem Grace. Love how you’ve lifted your character from gloom to hope. Thanks for joining in

  5. ….all due to views others have thrown.. so true, Grace! Loved the way you presented the transition. Well done, again πŸ‘πŸ’πŸ’–

  6. I love your writing. I needed to comment, though, because I’ve dreamed of a similar place as your image you’ve chosen and it just really struck a chord with me. ❀️

  7. This is so lyrical and hopeful! Your poems are always a joy to read. The emotions and feelings are so vividly felt in this piece. I loved and enjoyed it so much!❀❀

      1. it relays like someone you love but do not relate to his choices! Or his role for himself an imbalance of knowing him, and his twinned position!

      2. Fascinating perspective. I actually had no specific person in mind while writing this one. It was a picture prompt and basically created itself. Thanks for sharing.πŸ’•

      3. it for me is looking at someone you love who has the ability of a god and chooses to surf through glaciers!🌹

      4. Your writing is profoundly visual! if you have time read mine it is classical and i would like an artists perspective!

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