Attacked by fears of the unknown,
makes his hopes sink then turn to stone,
with every breath sorrows are shown,
all due to views others have thrown.

Insecure thoughts call on the phone,
no one to trust, always alone.
The dreams he has are failure prone,
depression felt, deep in his bones.

Inside his head he hears a tone,
transmitting sounds like microphones,
it puts him in a sacred zone,
then pushes him onto his throne.

Clears up his eyes, his mind is blown,
his body rests in a cyclone.
A sense of self suddenly known,
lands on his chest, wisdom has grown.

Opens the gates, feeling atoned
his old mistakes have been outgrown,
the time has come to not postpone,
a withered leaf, the past has flown.

Within a blink his faith is honed,
tomorrow’s joy instantly sewn,
the steps he takes his heart condones,
a bright path way to call his own.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Response to Sadje’s picture prompt on What do you see #137 June 06, 2022


Blink to change what you see,
blink again, roaming free.
Perceptions bounce around,
silly thoughts, now profound.

Blink once more, let things go,
blink and drive with your soul.
Intentions, take the lead,
passing thoughts, sprout like seeds.

Blink to grasp what will be,
blink to gain every key.
Inner light shines and glows,
clear your eyes as you grow.

Blink and breathe nice and slow,
blink and reach high plateaus.
Close your eyes, inhale peace,
exhale love, blow with ease.

Blink to fly in the breeze,
blink and sway like a tree.
Slowly go with the flow,
heal so rips can be sewn.

Blink and gain self control,
blink and fulfill all goals.
Go on a joy filled spree,
as each day provides glee.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Infinite time,
does not slow
Once delivered,
never goes.
Elevate from
head to toe.
All regrets are
left below.

Sadness falls like
misty snow.
Build a boat
then start to row,
make it strong
enough to tow,
others stuck,
circled by crows.

Infinite times,
comes and flows,
as the breeze,
puckers and blows.
Wisdom does not
always know
how to expand
every glow.

Endless power
always grows,
center stage,
for many shows.
Always reaping
what you sow,
energies form
high plateaus.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Turbulent storm angry and scared,
cried out enraged but no one cared.
Created pains left to repair,
erasing times, leaving despair.

Passive sun rays appeared to see,
the storm was hurt, felt so lonely.
Shined upon it, no guarantee,
as an attempt to stop the spree.

No words were said, offered a hug,
In hopes the storm would feel a tug.
Sun showed it cared by giving love,
calming blast down with warmer snugs.

Gale was surprised to see light near,
a silent cheer dried up all tears.
Sun glowed up close removing fears,
emitting light so blows could clear.

Gust was now thrilled to find a friend,
opened trust up, so shine could blend
knowing full well sorrows can mend,
infinite bonds will never end.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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