Yellow Hues

When life is done, if visions last,
I will hold good times from my past.
Fond memories hold gifts of smiles,
with yellow flurried leaves for miles.

Pathways transform into slides,
brightly colored magical rides.
Possessions owned are left behind,
for hard work one only earns pride.

Lessons learned transform to stars,
light up the sky then erase scars.
Ugly times instantly buried,
warm sunny rays chase off worries.

Until that day, I will live well,
creating tales others can tell.
Close both my eyes, relive glories,
open them to write new stories.

Revised insight is evergreen,
my heart absorbs this gorgeous scene.
Notice how well I match my view,
fall to then rise, fully renewed.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written for  FFFC # 188, hosted by Fandango

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  1. Brilliant i love this poem. Your work like always is great.

    I have to relearn how to write poetry.
    I will take you as inspiration.

    Thank you for the poetry lessons.

  2. Excellent way you place your phrases in each line. You create a graceful (no pun intended) arrangement of images that propel the reader to each new thought. Nice.

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