Tea Time

A gentle pour,
offers much more.
sweet sensations.

Chamomile sips,
jump start this trip,
serenely soothes,
tensions remove.

Lavender tea,
offers great ease.
peacefully still,
dreams climb uphill.

Flavorful chai,
help hopes climb high.
validate thoughts,
great wishes caught.

Heal with mixed herbs,
float undisturbed,
sit in true bliss,
smiles reminisce.

Golden honey,
makes days sunny,
shields hearts from storms,
life feels so warm.

– Grace Y. Estevez -Reddy

Written for FFFC #234 hosted by Fandango

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  1. Great company and great conversations, I am not a particular lover of chai, but do love the extraordinary benefits of a good tea time, even if my chai is coffee. Beautiful poem.

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