Speak Up

Interweave your thoughts with mine,
dreams and visions are combined,
check it twice to redefine,
to help our wishes align.

Convinced that hopes are the same,
knowing that I lost my aim,
feeling just a bit of shame,
loosing my voice, mind, and name.

Love you more than I do me,
only know the sights you see,
your hands hold every last key,
dictating all that will be.

Alter views to clear my sight,
rest my eyes and see the light,
grasp emotions that feel right,
so that my heart can feel bright.

Speak up for what I believe,
sense details my mind perceives,
aware of plans I conceive,
instantly feeling relieved.

Hold your hand as love grows strong,
let tomorrow come along,
souls unite and sing a song,
both our fantasies belong.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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