Strength in silence goes unheard,
swiftly slicing with no words.
Screaming loudly with deep looks,
reading each thought like a book.

Blinded eyes still see beauty,
screening out hidden cruelty.
Focusing on what will be,
counting each goal sets hopes free.

Negatives fall on mute ears,
quickly diminishes fears.
Searching beyond vibrant sounds,
synch with tones that feel profound.

Well known fragrance fills the air,
warmest hues still linger there.
Absorbing each joyful tear,
sensing pure light as it nears.

Instant numbness with one touch,
new sensation is too much.
Stimulates deep in each soul,
dusty fears shed, fall, and go.

Releasing all anchored doubt,
positive vibes spread about.
Feel powerful and complete,
spreading pure love through heartbeats.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

24 thoughts on “Sense

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  1. Ah, my dearest poet friend, I love this poem. This here,
    “Stimulates deep in each soul,
    dusty fears shed, fall, and go.” Is profound and so beautiful. Lovely, Grace. ❤️❤️

  2. Such a powerful message with touching and real words like ..blinded eyes still see beauty. A beautiful poem, as always 😊💖

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