You talk to me but look away,
too blind to see what I display.
Transparency, shown everyday,
clear honesty, no shades of gray.

The truths I keep, make you feel weak,
cut very deep if my lips speak.
Stop loosing sleep, secrets won’t leak,
unlike your sheep, I am unique.

Looking my way, projecting shame,
all knowledge sways while placing blame.
Others are prey to your mind games,
but not today, control I claim.

I look at you, pity my view,
remember who I thought I knew.
A soul so true, pure, and see through,
was painted blue as sorrows grew.

All cards were laid, fury decreased,
the anger fades in waves of peace,
the role I played let go with ease,
old debts now paid, brightness increased.

Final farewell, forgive, forget.
Fate rings a bell, future resets,
happiness yells, intentions set,
all goals excel, great joys are met.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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  1. “Others are prey to your mind games…” That’s so true. I know couples who will rope other people in for their own psychological games. i try hard not to get involved.

  2. “Final farewell, forgive, forget…” This can be so difficult sometimes, especially the forgetting part. Those scars, you know? Always such a pleasure to read your work, Grace. I really do look forward to each one you post. 🙂

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