Second Chance

In need of a break,
from all his past crimes.
Made many mistakes,
then served his full time.

Swallows inner fears,
gives life a new try,
hopes no one could hear,
deeply hidden cries.

Another door slams,
in front of his face,
obstructing all plans,
slowing down his pace.

His head in his hands,
broken and disgraced,
tries hard to withstand,
scars meant to be traced.

Arms up in the air,
forgive and forget.
Knows life is not fair,
heart beats with regret.

Attempts at repair,
by paying his debts,
suspicious eyes stare,
see him as a threat.

He gathers his will,
and strength to believe,
climbing steeper hills,
for those he made grieve.

Forgives his own spills,
sensing great relief.
Finds lights that fulfill,
goals he will achieve.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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  1. Such powerful and important sentiments. Forgiveness and second chances can be difficult for both parties, and sometimes forgiving ourselves can be next to impossible. So many horrible biases and prejudices are aimed at keeping people down and “in their place.” We need to eliminate those biases and learn to see each person on an individual level, and be wiling to give forgiveness and help when needed. We’re all in this together and we all need each other. Your words are deeply moving, Grace. πŸ™‚

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