Humanoid parts,
mimic movements.
Science meets art,
high tech event.

Writing machine,
no hopes or dreams,
sick of routine,
inwardly screams.

Jots down details,
it cannot feel.
Intentions sail,
other hearts heal.

Scribbles stories,
no rewards earned.
Stir memories,
of lessons learned.

Future is here,
guides to then lead.
Good bye career,
A.I. succeeds.

Fate in motion,
blurred and unclear.
Mixed emotions,
joys laced with fear.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written for FFFC #225 hosted by Fandango

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  1. This is a legendary piece of writing. AI is really taking over and the end is near. Automation, people becoming jobless, Humanoids taking over. Chaotic. Watch out for the Neuralink projects… People will see as if it is good but willingness is fading.

  2. Technology might be more advanced than ever. But no piece of metal, no matter how intelligent, will ever be able to replace a human embrace, the laughter of a child, the sound of the rain, so on and so forth. Technology is a great tool but living things cannot be replaced.

  3. A beautiful poem on man- machine relationship, Grace! A thought provoking piece πŸ‘ŒπŸ’–

  4. “It cannot feel” sums up so many of the drawbacks of AI. Humans use empathy and emotion to help guide us, something that cannot be programmed. I pray we never lose that…..

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