Eating from,
an empty plate,
pressing thumb,
carries great weight.
Standing dumb,
while chained to fate,
being numb,
helps her relate.

Feeding lies,
till they are true,
closing eyes,
till views are new.
Muting cries,
to cover blues,
breathing sighs,
as setbacks grew.

Walking miles,
on endless trails,
drowning while,
trying to sail.
Finding isle,
hopes can prevail,
forming smile,
as she exhales.

Healing past,
thoughts that repeat,
dancing fast,
to strong heartbeats.
Viewing blast,
makes life feel sweet,
Feeling vast,
clear, and complete.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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  1. “Feeding from, an empty plate”… That part really stood out for me and brings to mind struggling homes, families struggling to make ends meet.

    Poetry is medicine. It might not solve your problems but just seeing it mirror your struggles can sometimes be very soothing.

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