What happens with no one around?
Screams vibrate loud,
without a sound.
Only lingered echoes surround.
Ceiling to ground,
felt so profound.

What happens when nobody is there?
Walk endless stairs,
stuck in a square,
within a box while unaware,
inner repairs,
practice self care.

What does one see with eyes closed shut?
Thoughts interrupt,
to readjust.
Brightness or darkness minds construct.
a vacant rut,
or sense of trust.

What is it like to live in peace?
High hopes increase,
joys are released.
Walking through time fully with ease.
Flow with the breeze,
receive wise keys.

What will tomorrow bring to light?
Deeper insight,
carry delight.
A way to make each day feel right.
To reignite,
sparks that excite.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Eating from,
an empty plate,
pressing thumb,
carries great weight.
Standing dumb,
while chained to fate,
being numb,
helps her relate.

Feeding lies,
till they are true,
closing eyes,
till views are new.
Muting cries,
to cover blues,
breathing sighs,
as setbacks grew.

Walking miles,
on endless trails,
drowning while,
trying to sail.
Finding isle,
hopes can prevail,
forming smile,
as she exhales.

Healing past,
thoughts that repeat,
dancing fast,
to strong heartbeats.
Viewing blast,
makes life feel sweet,
Feeling vast,
clear, and complete.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Self Motivated

One day ends
the next
Breezes send
that spin
One swift jump
when hopes
Climbs straight up
tight ropes
with ease
One more day
in this
vast sea
Hearts all play
in peace
One more try
for goals
to shine
Touch the sky
feel so

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Flip the Coin

Look around,
feeling alone.
Like a hound,
search for a bone.
Search the ground,
kick at a stone.
Not a sound,
or a slight tone.
Never found,
true friendship zone.
Trust is bound,
suspicion shown.

Turn around,
feel good alone.
Happy hound,
chews a new bone.
Higher ground,
no sticks or stones.
My own sound,
creates fine tones.
Looked then found,
a joyful zone.
Faith unbound,
inner light shown.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Shed the Old

Crawling on my naked skin,
feeling numb, needles and pins.
Reliving every last sin,
knowing what make my thoughts spin.

Loosing balance everyday.
Why do good times have to sway?
I no longer want to play
games with the thoughts thrown my way.

Sink my heart till dreams are gone,
motivation soon departs.
Every inch becomes too far,
my bright light is stuck in tar.

Pull myself up from this rut,
shake the feelings from my gut,
heal the deepest inner cuts,
call out powers that I trust.

My life is stories I form.
Stand unique I’m not the norm.
Love and pride in me is born,
dancing up passionate storms.

Chills have taken over me,
let myself fly high and free.
Take in what I want to be,
absorb possibilities.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Wasting time, simply wondering,
not living, instead pondering.
Mind always busy wandering,
efforts continue blundering.

Every vision is cluttering,
words escape, quickly stuttering,
misunderstood while muttering,
unstable heart keeps fluttering.

Take a breath to cure smothering,
each passing day recovering,
dive inwardly, uncovering,
hopes eagerly discovering.

Self doubt visits try hindering,
assurance never splintering,
pure love constantly lingering,
inner bright light non flickering.

– Grace y. Estevez – Reddy

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