Mourning till my thoughts feel sore,
scrubbing my heart til it’s raw,
contemplating what will be,
letting tears fall down so free.

Clouds crash swiftly in my throat,
volcanoes erupt to coat.
Cloaked emotions try to hide,
release fears clogged deep inside.

Passing without much control,
embracing tugs from my soul,
tingling from this episode,
shivering from head to toe.

Count backwards four, three, two, one,
inhale warm rays from the sun.
Watch self love emit pure light,
my spirit twinkles so bright.

Dismissing negative holds,
allowing joy to unfold,
absorbing all blissful hues,
focusing on better views.

Look forward to tomorrow,
know good times come to follow.
Concentrate on better days,
so positive always stays.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Good Riddance

I throw dense boulders on my past.
Old kicks and punches, crack my cast.

Slicing my heart
to simple shreds,
playing their part
to let tears shed.

I throw dense boulders on my past.
Releasing pain, set free at last.

Despair at sail,
great fears prevail.
Storms formed by hail,
create a veil.

I throw dense boulders on my past.
Lessons received, fermented fast.

Solemn pictures
in pretty frames
form a structure
made up of games.

I throw dense boulders on my past
Awakened life, designed contrast.

Feeling so new,
thoughts become true,
rereading clues,
transforms old views.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally published December 21, 2020


What happens with no one around?
Screams vibrate loud,
without a sound.
Only lingered echoes surround.
Ceiling to ground,
felt so profound.

What happens when nobody is there?
Walk endless stairs,
stuck in a square,
within a box while unaware,
inner repairs,
practice self care.

What does one see with eyes closed shut?
Thoughts interrupt,
to readjust.
Brightness or darkness minds construct.
a vacant rut,
or sense of trust.

What is it like to live in peace?
High hopes increase,
joys are released.
Walking through time fully with ease.
Flow with the breeze,
receive wise keys.

What will tomorrow bring to light?
Deeper insight,
carry delight.
A way to make each day feel right.
To reignite,
sparks that excite.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Eating from,
an empty plate,
pressing thumb,
carries great weight.
Standing dumb,
while chained to fate,
being numb,
helps her relate.

Feeding lies,
till they are true,
closing eyes,
till views are new.
Muting cries,
to cover blues,
breathing sighs,
as setbacks grew.

Walking miles,
on endless trails,
drowning while,
trying to sail.
Finding isle,
hopes can prevail,
forming smile,
as she exhales.

Healing past,
thoughts that repeat,
dancing fast,
to strong heartbeats.
Viewing blast,
makes life feel sweet,
Feeling vast,
clear, and complete.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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