Make me a lighthouse,
that brightens all paths.
Make me a beacon,
with an endless flash.

Fill me with bright beams,
that live in my eyes.
Fill me with wisdom,
that bedazzles life.

Mold me like the sun,
that gleams everyday.
Mold me like the sea,
with powerful waves.

Sculpt me self assured,
let doubts disappear.
Sculpt me always pure,
my soul always clear.

A star in the sky,
that twinkles with thoughts.
A star floating high,
where wishes are caught.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge – September 13,2022
Prompt – Bedazzle

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    1. I’m addition to the likeliness of your work, yesterday when I used the word “kindred,” I found it fascinating because it’s not a common word, even for a colorful vocabulary, and I noticed your poem “kindred spirit,”

      I see why I like your work so much, it reflects on my inner thoughts, opinions, and feelings.

      I see how my thoughts when I’m writing my own stuff has a lot of similar vocabulary and thoughts as you and I notice it on your stuff way after the fact. πŸ™‚ To me that’s so cool. I swear, I haven’t seen this stuff before starting to write my own, so I’m not using your work as a reference and making it my own. We really do think alike.

  1. I hadn’t read this until just now, and thinking how crazy ironic the fact my poem yesterday you even hit like on was about “brightening the dark sky,” metaphor, very alike to this. Haha, “great minds think alike,” πŸ˜‚

    I know I’m doing this just as a hobby currently, but one day I’d like to be skilled enough to do this as a gig, or somehow for income.

    You have a deal talent. If you have any advice how to jumpstart into making a career/gig for this, would you enlighten me? I respect you, and adore your work. πŸ’ž

    1. That is a funny coincidence. Eugenia’s prompt inspired this one. I do this as a hobby as well, just for fun really. I don’t think I am a good source of advice for turning this into profit. So happy you are enjoying my poems. Thank you so much. Truly appreciate your kindness.πŸ’•

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