Power Struggle

Resentments live,
connections break.
Choosing to give,
but never take.

A tug of war,
transfers great hope,
makes hearts want more.
while forced to cope.

Guilts built to stick,
for ego’s sake.
another trick,
made so opaque.

Logic swings doors,
calculates slopes,
mind keeps all scores,
tight grasp on rope.

Try to ignore,
never provoke,
eyes reflect core,
clears away smoke.

Feelings explore,
absorb, and soak.
Dreams hit the shore,
power awoke.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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  1. This is real and true and happening every day. Power halfgods and egoists never releasing their clenched fists. It’s a struggle to the teeth. Thanks for noting. A real soldier seeks after peace, not war.

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