Passing By

Today is a parody,
of yesterday’s memories.
Sentimental melodies,
mimicking life’s symphony.

Deep thoughts are like remedies,
altering extremities.
molding great disparities,
to form similarities.

Sunrise provides charity,
with fair regularity,
bringing the world clarity,
views carry serenity.

Moonlight beams polarities,
twinkling solidarity,
uniting dualities,
bearing singularity.

Everyday brings mysteries,
deriving from history,
guides with possibilities,
forming for eternity.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

73 thoughts on “Passing By

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  1. Again taking us on a journey.
    Going through the consciousness looks different.

    I enjoy how you construct the words together. You making it seem so easy.

    Again i am still writing on poem. You have already produced 2.

    Your a new breed of poet. You create masterpieces at will.

    The reason why i always compliment you is because i have a love for poetry and writing.

    Grace keep up the spellbinding work.

    Tonight i am challenging myself to keep up with you.

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