Light and darkness
in a dance,
feeling sweetness
in romance.
Putting harshness
in a trance,
removes distress
from their stance.

Light and darkness
bringing balance
by design.
Paint the canvas
gray defined.
Softened hardness
made divine.

Light and darkness
merge as one,
without protest
all have won.
Steady progress
has begun,
shining brightness
like the sun.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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  1. You are such a sweetheart, Grace! I always appreciate your visits to Jennifurrville; I know it’s been kind of dark over there lately, but still you come over and shine light. 🌞🌻

  2. Getting strong zen principles from this piece. it may be conscious or subconscious but the result hit me the same. Harmony and ceaseless negotiation. And that rhyme scheme though, really good Grace, really good <3

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  4. I love this divine poem…I’m do glad you see light & darkness like this…truly a Merger βœ¨β€οΈπŸ’«β€οΈ

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