A highbrowed turtle,
nuzzled in a tough shell,
emotions once slipped,
but never quite fell.
Smartypants turtle
has nothing to learn,
frowning at others
with her nose upturned.
Experienced a life
of entitled paved ways,
humility ran with
no reason to stay.

One day met her match,
but could not believe,
dung beetle so strong,
was turtle deceived?
So full of powers,
unpleasant to see,
with the simplest form
complex underneath.
She hid in her home,
could not understand,
her eyes were quite wise
no room to expand.

How could this creature
that only ate waste,
have so many skills
and very fine taste?
Confusion set in
trying to engage,
greeting the beetle,
but feeling quite strange.
An intimidation
gave the turtle a tug,
as fear of rejection,
made her scared to be snubbed.

These new emotions
taught turtle how it felt,
from the receiving end
of cards, she once dealt.
Curious to know
what the beetle possessed,
she approached her quickly,
and story expressed.
Dung beetle was kind
sharing all her gifts,
teaching the turtle,
to touch and uplift.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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  1. Wow!! This is awesome!!! What a magical story and nature’s power/grace 😉 is so palpable here!!! I absolutely love this!! It’s a little different from your usual but it is just as incredible and breathtaking!!! Once again, I am inspired!!! It’s always such a joy to read your work, much love 🖤🤗

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