The family unit, is a lot like a hand.
Silent oath to be true, can make all understand.
Each person unique, like prints on your fingers.
Bad times fade away, the love always lingers.

Beginning with the index, as wise as can be.
Points out every fear, makes every eye see.
Flaps quickly around, when not getting his way.
Forms a circle with thumb, when things are okay.

The thumb is quite special, stronger than the rest.
Assisting in gripping, to justify strength.
Comforts many infants, lays still in their mouth.
A spoonful of happy, removes any pout.

The pinky is youngest, the runt of the pups.
Helps gain full control, while holding a cup.
A gambler by nature, can take a quick bet.
Curling all around, till stakes are all set.

The middle is spunky, not easily controlled.
An established rebel, can stand all alone.
Offensive to many, yet funny to some.
Enjoys lots of music, can snap just for fun.

Responsible charmer, ring finger holds beauty.
Attracting attention, while wearing fine jewelry.
Respecting commitment, she gives it her all.
Honored with great gems, always standing tall.

United home front, twin flames can provide.
Caring for their kids, never picking sides.
Push negative out, positive takes a stand.
My palm the main unit, their home in my hand

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


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