A family is like a hand,
silent oaths form a solid band.
Rare roles print on every finger,
bad times fade while love still lingers.

Index leads as wise as can be,
points out fears so all eyes can see,
flaps around if plans go astray,
connects with thumb to say “okay.”

Thumb is strong, always goes the length,
assists with grip to show off strength,
comforts infants, rests in their mouth,
silences cries, erases pouts.

Pinky is young, runt of the pups,
helps gain control, while holding cups.
A gambler, loves to take quick bets,
entwined until all stakes are set.

Spunky middle, hard to control,
rebel by nature stands alone,
rude to many, funny to some,
kisses a thumb, snaps just for fun.

Charming ring finger holds beauty,
gains attention with jewelry,
committal pledge, gives it her all,
honored with gems, always stands tall.

Strong linked home, divine love provides,
abundant care, comes from all sides.
Negative out, positive stands,
comfort in the palm of each hand.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published on January 19, 2021

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