Goodbye and Hello

A lingered song
plays in her head,
of memories
she once thought dead.
Familiar love,
once felt so deep,
haunting her thoughts
disrupting sleep.

Her sacred flock
was made of lies,
hearts never locked,
just false allies.
Promises made
dissolved and died,
smiles that she knew
were all disguised.

Saying farewell,
set her life free,
she made the move
turning the key.
Resentments fled
let bygones be,
cleared up the dark,
felt inner glee.

Shed a few tears
while letting go,
positive vibes
dictate life’s flow.
All that she touched
picked up a glow,
her inner light
expands and grows.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

32 thoughts on “Goodbye and Hello

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  1. What a masterful piece, my dear Grace!!! I absolutely love this, such magical work. Another gem, my amazing friend. Always lifts my spirit to read your inspiring words 🖤🤗

  2. Such a beautiful poem, Grace! Your pieces always make me feel better despite all the hardships of life. Really loved it ❤

  3. The ending is quite uplifting. Let bygones be bygones. And move on. A great poem, Grace 👍💐💖

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