All for the best

The truth that hid within your eyes
was clear to all, but I was blind.
Searching inside for reasons why,
you would hurt those that treat you kind.

Together we both learned to fly,
a perfect fit, unique design.
I thought this love would never die,
but somehow feelings just declined.

You turned so cold as time sped by,
emotionless, and so confined.
It felt like winter in July,
as happy times tumbled behind.

Picked up my head then held it high,
synching my heart, body, and mind.
Let past hurts leave, I said good bye,
removing doubts, gaining self pride.

Push myself hard for one more try,
watching as links swiftly align.
Wishes flutter up to the sky,
connections appear well defined.

I pray that all your hopes comply,
knowing my path will be divine.
Powerful source always supplies,
my needs all met, all wants I find.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Engaged with the thoughts, I carry inside.
Enslaved by the chains, that force me to hide.

I revere the sound
assigned to my soul.
Fueled with a craving
for breaking the mold.

Enraged with the strength, to go with the flow.
Encaged now set free, go where the wind blows.

Rejoice in the sound
assigned to my soul.
Unlocking all barriers
while letting things go

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

Originally published on December 23, 2020

Lost and Found

Wrapped in sorrows,
few words spoken.
Saddened stale years
served as tokens.

Sweetest gestures,
strung love along.
Flung wicked words
forever strong.

Listened to lies,
new ones each day.
Danced in spotlights
as anguish played.

Spewed blank phrases
no conviction.
Blown air kisses,

Captured tears bring
formed addictions.

Standing prepared,
fully withdrawn.
Making this time,
the final straw.

Feeling ready
to let this go.
Slowly sculpting,
a grand plateau.

Glimmering eyes,
smiling so bright.
Inner hues shine,
new found delight.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Goodbye and Hello

A lingered song
plays in her head,
of memories
she once thought dead.
Familiar love,
once felt so deep,
haunting her thoughts
disrupting sleep.

Her sacred flock
was made of lies,
hearts never locked,
just false allies.
Promises made
dissolved and died,
smiles that she knew
were all disguised.

Saying farewell,
set her life free,
she made the move
turning the key.
Resentments fled
let bygones be,
cleared up the dark,
felt inner glee.

Shed a few tears
while letting go,
positive vibes
dictate life’s flow.
All that she touched
picked up a glow,
her inner light
expands and grows.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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