Endless spark made of bright light,
builds a universal wonder.
In the dark two hearts unite,
quickly crash to form loud thunder.

An abyss is painted blue,
puffy hazed hues of white oils.
Fresh rain waters create dew,
moistening embedded soil.

Cut a bouquet of fluffed clouds,
spring it up to sketch a view.
Floating still to watch for sounds,
in this world, a finger drew.

Hearts that glow like fireflies,
form an eclipse on the sea,
their pure wishes soon arise,
shimmering and flying free.

Rays of shiny illusions,
tightly wrap the beaming sun,
an energy infusion,
balances where it begun.

Sprinkled warmth covers each soul,
ever ready to embark,
physical appears as whole,
always guided by a spark.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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  1. How wonderfully played with such profound words dear Grace there’s a spark in every stanza you penned. Soo delighted read. Below two.lines awesome πŸ‘Œ ❀

    Cut a bouquet of fluffed clouds,
    spring it up to sketch a view.

  2. Wow Grace, this is such flawless writing. I love the flow and the loving rhythm throughout, such marvelous work! That second to last stanza stood out for me, such meaningful depth. Beautifully weaved as always…your light shines through your words πŸ–€πŸ€—

  3. Beautiful, Amazing, Incredible!!! These are my favorite lines:

    Hearts that glow like fireflies,
    form an eclipse on the sea,
    their pure wishes soon arise,
    shimmering and flying free.

  4. Β«Cut a bouquet of fluffed clouds,
    spring it up to sketch a view.
    Floating still to watch for sounds,
    in this world, a finger drew.Β»

    beautiful imageryβœ¨πŸ™Œ

  5. This is the most beautiful way to describe a storm. Wow. How wondeful. The metaphors, the time you take to carve out the details. All of it make the poem stand out wonderfully!

  6. In the scansion of your verse, I found the repetitive “C” rhyme fascinating, where “blue”, “dew”, “view”, and “drew” rhyme. It is at that point in the separate stanzas that I was pondering, reading your poem. I suppose I was expecting to move to “efef”, instead the end rhyme repeated itself.

    The lines, as follows, are rerecorded here: “An abyss is painted blue,” “Fresh rain waters create dew[,]” “spring it up to sketch a view[,]” “in this world, a finger drew[…]”

    I became interested in how specifically those lines directly, indirectly relate to “formation”. Visiting Merriam-Webster, how surprised coincidentally in the sixth sense of the word I read the dictionary’s example of that sense relating to the formation of flying, ” an arrangement of a body or group of persons or things in some prescribed manner or for a particular purpose
    flying in formation”…

    β€œFormation.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed 29 Jul. 2021.

    Surprising I find, also, your use of the keyword “conscious awareness” in relation to the poem, and indirectly how that relates to the sixth sense of mind, and make an association for myself out of that relationship between your keyword and the particular sense referred to at the definition of formation.
    Also, the literary device of “ekphrasis” and representing the visual art by your words, and in so applying to finger painting in simile. Further thought carries on about art with representations that are painted in oil versus acrylic, which I find a nice uncommon surprise: in art, I often most associate acrylic with finger painting versus oil because it is more affordable, and I am uncertain of how finger oils and sweat impact oil over time, as I am a weak painter. However, from what little painting I accomplished in undergrad, I understood in those classes, it’s hard no matter what you are using to eventually have those expensive oils underneath your fingernails, on your clothes, everything! It gets on everything! I don’t voice that as a complaint, but can only marvel at it as you chose to do, attached with a childhood nostalgia that is dear, and pure.

    In those lines that apply to the “c” rhyme, I also found fascinating that “floating” to try and capture this breakthrough of the sea versus the sky-like sea, and the author trying to resolve the sounds in each. I can’t tell where the parasailor is flying, though, from the picture, and still find the comparison of the sounds similar that one might find walking along a shore, or in the sky.

    Thank you, for a fun ride over the clouds and rediscovery of childhood glee, in painting and poetry. I like how you played with this imaginatively. It was all the more enjoyable for an escape away from some harder matter I read in self-help, recently.

    1. Wow. Thank you so very much for taking the time to analyze this piece. I truly appreciate it. I am not a very technical person, I am actually, quite the opposite. I am guided by feeling and simply go with the flow. Then hope for the best. This specific piece came from a thought that I had which I tried to put into words. Different people may interpret it differently and I’m fine with that. I feel that this is one of the greater joys of art in general. Again, thank you for the in depth look into this piece. I am thrilled to hear that you liked it.❀️

  7. A beautiful poem, Grace! Loved it… I think you should publish a book dear… you write so beautifully…🌹πŸ₯°πŸ’–

    1. That’s so nice of you to say, Diana. Thanks so much for the sweet words of encouragement, I truly appreciate it. I just may publish a book at some point. Much love to you.❀️

  8. An amazing piece once again, Grace with beautiful imagery like..rays of shiny illusions wrapping the beaming sun.. Great workπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ’

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