Dramatic sounds,
ring through my voice,
shaking around,
removing choice,
makes my head pound,
vibrating noise,
fall to the ground,
losing my poise

Dramatic views,
blind both my eyes.
Perceptions choose
a hidden lie.
Creating news,
so stories fly,
without a clue
yet still implied

Dramatic taste,
I thought I craved,
The greatest waste
was all I gave.
Gasoline bastes,
set to enslave.
Living in haste,
digging my grave

Dramatic touch,
caressing deep.
No longer clutch,
not mine to keep.
Giving too much,
making hills steep.
Calming the rush,
so I can sleep

Dramatic scents,
that swim inside.
Chaos ferments,
a troubled mind.
Will not consent,
to being kind,
instead prevents,
simply declined

Dramatic life
abandoned past.
Presented strife,
that did not last.
Turmoil was knifed,
calming it fast.
Peace is now rife,
enjoyed contrast

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

6 thoughts on “Extinguish

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  1. This is utterly amazing! I love the repetition of “Dramatic” and the uniqueness to this piece, it’s so stunningly beautiful!!! I am inspired as a poet!! It’s so soothing and took me to a dreamy place! Well done, my friend 🖤🤗

  2. What is beautiful about nearly all of what you write , is it’s obvious heartfelt source connection to the subject, every word is god imbued energy..& every poem.is just the perfect length..love your work.. blessings in joy & beautiful benevelence..GG😀🌈🧡

    1. Thank you so much GG. Your kind words truly warm my heart. I appreciate your thoughts, made extra special coming from such a gifted writer as yourself. I am truly facinated by your work.Have a wonderful weekend my friend.❤️

    1. I would love to but have never done one so I don’t really know how it works. So if you wouldn’t mind teaching me how then to it would be an honor.

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