Slip into another fail,
brush it off, swiftly exhale.
Walk across an endless trail,
touch the wind, as my life sails.

Navigate an empty street,
city sounds match my heartbeat.
Roll my eyes, look inwardly,
take accountability.

Day and night always the same,
years pass by repeating games.
Swim through lies to reach the truth,
read through thoughts, uncover proof.

End cycles forced to repeat,
make stagnancy obsolete.
Hike up stream to catch a view,
watch as years leave future clues.

Shuffle feet to sweep warm sand,
palm trees dance, sun rays kiss land.
Saltwater hues mist the air,
clears away every last care.

Open eyes answers are found,
memories float all around.
Each day brings more clarity,
to define reality.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written forΒ Moon- Washed Weekly Challenge – Everywhere July 26, 2022
Prompt – mother nature’s tools
land, air and the sea
dramatic results

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  1. Grace your work just gets better with time. I wasted a few pens on my work but i cant keep up. Naturally talented and gifted.
    The best of the best of the best just simply the best.

  2. Very nice job of incorporating all the required elements seamlessly. A lovely piece you have created here, Grace! πŸ’• 🌞 🌹

  3. Charming poetic feeling. And it is just as, by opening our eyes, we find the answers as we have more clarity to define reality.
    Hugs, friend Grace. πŸ˜€πŸ€—

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