Chance Encounter

I watched her from afar,
her hair was made of gold,
it shined like a bright star,
and stole my hearts control.

He watched me from afar,
my hair was such a mess.
I tried to hide my scars,
strolled though I needed rest.

I fell under her spell,
her essence left a mark.
Much more than a fine shell,
she held an inner spark.

I felt so insecure,
by what his eyes must see.
Tried hard to feel assured,
let go and “Let it be.”

At last, I took a step,
guided by destiny.
Hoping she could be swept,
by my pure honesty.

My heartbeat seemed to grow,
as he slowly came near.
But with the first hello,
our souls traversed through years.

Flooded by memories,
of times that had stood still.
Skipping through reveries,
and climbing steep dark hills.

While holding a tight stare,
all else soon disappeared.
Nothing was ever there,
everything started here.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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  1. Lovely, Grace! I enjoyed the “conversation” between the two; a very creative and delightful concept. Some of the best encounters are the unplanned ones. And what are the odds I have a story from a few years ago with the exact same title! 🌟

  2. Today I felt the love an intimacy in these beautiful verses. A lovely blend of words and emotions. Loved it really πŸ’–πŸ’

  3. This is a masterpiece! I love what you’ve done with this piece, making it feel like a conversation but not an actual one. This is magical, Grace! Brilliant work, loved it ❀❀

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