Take a breath
is what they said,
every time
I felt distress.
But what for?
I ask myself,
to let go?
gain some control?
Only air
nothing quite there,
treatment for
all my despair?
is all I need,
my deepest grief.
a perfect cure
when not too sure.
Stop and breathe
is what they say
Hope is just
a breath away.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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  1. I agree dear Grace. I hold my breathe 10 times a days for ten seconds. Hold silence. Sometime less words make life softer and easier. Happy Saturday dear poet.

    1. Never thought of that trick holding my breath like that once in awhile I’m usually pretty quiet I do play guitar with a band right music that’s loud LOL but the rest of the time I’m just thinking?

      1. Good to play song. I am always thinking. My mind never can rest. I must meditate to find sleep. My grandfather taught me the breathing trick. He told me. If angry. Hold your breathe and count to ten before opening your mouth. It does work.

    2. Stopping to breathe is great but can be easily forgotten during stressful moments. Glad to hear you consciously stop and breathe. I myself am trying to adopt this habit. Happy Saturday my friend. ❤️

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