Stop the Chase

Money is an entity,
needed for stability.
Provides great amenities ,
vanquishes identities,

Swallow ambitions hard pill,
to obtain proficient skills.
Weariness surrounds free will,
green eyed monsters shoot to kill.

People say they want the best,
most can not sit down to rest,
always filled with new requests,
seek to find lost treasure chests.

Many can become obsessed,
with the thought of new progress,
a daydream they live to stress,
unaware they have been blessed.

Open inner eyes to see,
most needs are covered for free,
wants accompanied by fees,
will appear if meant to be.

It is fine to strive and thrive,
take passions out for a drive,
Joys allow minds to contrive,
resources that come alive.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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  1. Love this. I really relate to it right now. Though money shouldn’t be the most important thing in our lives, we need it in order to live. Sadly, in today’s economy, I work three jobs (70 hours a week) to barely scrape by. It’s insane! Thank you for sharing this relatable poem, and Happy New Year 🎊

      1. I hope so too! I have leads on a different job that pays a bit more, so hopefully that works out! You’re very welcome, and thank you too 😊

  2. I have never had much money and my poetry is definitely a nonprofit hobby, but I am comfortable and happily satisfied with my simple and humble existence …

  3. Giving of yourself, from the kindness of your heart. Not looking to receive, but hoping to be a blessing. Love in action, doesn’t anticipate an reward, but acts on of daring, to share the love inside… your heart!

  4. Can I tell you something craaaaaaazy synchronistic with this:

    Today I attended a K’iche Maya ceremony where I burned money as an offering at the temple of the Sun.

    What a lovely treat to read this hours later…

    We truly are all connected


  5. Absolutely stunning piece, dear Grace. I love the powerful message behind it and the graceful way in which you delivered it. Beautifully done as always 🀍

  6. A marvellous piece, Grace! Money is not so material.
    Open inner eyes to see,
    most needs are covered for free…very true, so relatable πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

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