Stand Firm

A little girl,
with a big dream,
held onto faith
until it beamed.
Broke from the chains,
saw through the schemes,
found inner strength
felt so supreme.

Did what she could
to avoid hooks,
but was still forced
to clean and cook.
Women she loved,
relied on looks,
were taught to read
mirrors not books.

Determined to
release this bind,
chose to enrich
her hungry mind,
The veil soon fell,
no longer blind,
learned how to search
and how to find.

Embraced this change,
she took a chance,
climbed up steep hills
pulled and advanced.
Grew confidence,
danced with romance,
touched many hearts,
helped, and enhanced.

– Grace Y. Estevez Reddy

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  1. Oh sweet, such a beautiful poem about courage and determination wrapped up in the story of a little girl who emerged victirious through thick and thin. Amazing πŸ‘

  2. Hope and perseverance…two familiar and powerful themes in your work. Always a delight to read your poetry, Grace. πŸ™‚

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