Childhood best friend
obscure to see,
known to extend
each time I flee.
Your soul depends
on me to be,
I make you bend
and crawl with me.

My growth is yours,
so is my speed.
You are my cure
for lonely needs.
You must endure,
my every deed.
Feeling secure,
always agree.

Partners in crime,
my closest peer,
with all my climbs,
sure to appear.
My silent mime
has no found fears,
here all the time,
throughout the years.

Each growing step
forced your follow.
Secrets we swept
tied tomorrows,
You must accept
options narrow.
My trust you kept
loyal shadow.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

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  1. Wow Grace, the flow here is so effortlessly graceful. There is such a soothing rhythm here, I absolutely love it. Beautifully, deeply and perfectly written as always, my dear friend!!! Another gem 🖤

  2. ‘Partners in crime’ used very intelligently. Beautiful verses indeed. Rhyming gives a superb rhythm. Very well done, Grace👌👌💐

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