Purrfectly spoiled
Ready to play
Elated coil
Tactical sway
Thoughtfully toiled
Youthful sun ray

Inspires smiles
Notable style

Persuasive bow
Innocent stare
Naughty loud meow
Kitty so rare

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written for Melissa Lemay’s Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #241

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  1. A new Calico kitten arrived at our house recently. I’m trying not to spoil her, but it’s difficult, she’s just SO cute. Our older black Bombay just looks at her like, “Are you for real?” Lol I love your poem.

  2. I loved this. Although, somehow, knowing the indifference of cats, I can’t quite fathom if it would be pink, or a color of the day😀! Anyways, again, this quick step into some witty prose was just what I needed to start the day off. Thank you for sharing!

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