Mystical Scene

Waves of old thoughts,
splash with regret,
powerful force,
crash without rest.

Infinite course,
tough to forget,
memories caught,
in the mind’s net.

An orange hue
gleams straight ahead,
attacks the blues
kills sorrows dead.

Gold tinted views
defeats all dread,
repeats pure truths
so peace can spread.

Ocean shines warm
with amber light,
great dreams transform
into plain sight.

Calms the rough storms,
wrongs become right,
arch rock wall forms
twinkles shine bright.

Clear wishes fly,
hopes float so high,
touch the blue sky
release deep sighs.

Close misty eyes
see concrete signs,
visions comply
sad knots untie.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written for FFFC #200 hosted by Fandango

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  1. SENSATIONAL!! The rhyming is truly masterful here and the imagery is just lovely. Beautifully written as always, dear Grace 🀍🀍

  2. Such a beautiful poem Grace. Each regret is a chance to shift and I love how you captured that in each of your stanza’s so brilliantly. Luckily, I have no regrets! Happy day ahead my friend! πŸ’ž

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