Paradoxes in my head,
come alive and slowly spread,
chuckle at the thoughts that tread,
as I lay in my own bed.

Susan Seymour has a lisp,
her own name makes her tongue slip,
so afraid her words will trip,
shyness holds a solid grip.

Mister Cooper teaches math,
but has trouble counting cash,
numbers scramble in a flash,
still he follows passions path.

Counselor needs counseling,
need to cut off troubled strings,
clients bring problems that cling,
releasing helps their hearts bling.

Optometrist with blurred sight,
her vision does not seem right,
closes eyes to see the light,
glasses turn things clear and bright.

Irony that tell a tale,
twists that turn within a scale,
all carry unique details,
while creating distinct sails.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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  1. Great poem indeed and just shows how much everybody is battling within themselves …Kudos

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