Unexpected news
Thrilled to be nominated
Thanks for your support

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Last March, I won Spillwords Author of the Month thanks to all of your motivation, inspiration, and wonderful support. I was humbled and honored to have been nominated. This year, I am so excited to  announce that I have been nominated for Author of the Year by Spillwords Press. It has taken me years to find the courage to publish anything I have written, so you can only imagine what this nomination means to me. If you enjoy my poetry, I would really appreciate it if you could take a moment to vote for me. General Voting will be officially held from 1/26 (Today) – 1/31 (Tuesday) and will be conducted via this page: Thank you so much for all of your support during these past two years. In that time, you have all inspired me to write over 1,450 poems. I am so grateful to this amazing WordPress community. πŸ’•

I would like to thank Dagmara K, and the whole team at Spillwords for the nominations and for publishing my poems/interviews. I truly appreciate their continued support. πŸ’•

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  1. Very, very good and great achievement!
    I must say ‘ you deserve it ‘!
    I am voting today only ( if eligible )

  2. Congratulations on the nomination and best of luck, Grace! It’s a well deserved honor. I’m glad fear didn’t hold you back from publishing your poetry. It’s a lesson from which all of us can benefit. πŸ™‚

  3. OMG Grace!! This is absolutely amazing!! I’m not surprised though 😊, you are truly one of my favorite writers…on WP and overall!! It’s so insanely impressive the number of pieces you’ve written and the quality you’ve maintained throughout. So happy for you, dear friend! Let it sink in πŸ€—, you most absolutely deserve it!!!!!

  4. Congratulations Dear Grace! Sooo much deserved! You are a rock star for sure! Your writing uplifts every single day and with every word. Thank you so much for that!!!! β€οΈπŸ™πŸΌπŸ’ž I barely can sign in and I have an account. hahahahahπŸ˜‚

    1. Thanks a ton, Cindy. Truly appreciate your beautiful support, my friend. I was in the same predicament this morning.πŸ’•πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ’•

  5. That is fantastic, Grace! Congratulations for the nomination, and you have my vote! You have such a wonderful gift and skill…thank you for sharing it with so many! πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

  6. Congratulations on your nomination, Grace! Your hard work and dedication to your craft have paid off. It’s wonderful to see your talent being recognized and we’re so proud of you. Good luck with the voting, and here’s to many more achievements in the future. πŸ’•

      1. You’re welcome! I’m glad I could help. It’s always great to receive positive feedback. Have a wonderful day!

  7. Wow, Grace! This is absolutely amazing! What an inspiration πŸ˜ƒ I was traveling during the time of voting, and I apologize for missing it, but I wish you the best of luck! Thank you for becoming not only my blog buddy, but thank you for being an inspiration to all writers ❀️

  8. Spillwords team for this amazing opportunity and recognition. Your support and encouragement have been instrumental in helping the author achieve this incredible milestone. Your hard work and dedication to the world of literature is truly inspiring. Congratulations on your nomination and best of luck in the voting process. Keep writing, keep inspiring and keep spreading the love of words!

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